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[] [마스터피스] Masterpieces Playing Cards 적립금

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[마스터피스] Masterpieces Playing Cards 기본 정보
소비자가 17,000 won
  • 8 (8.00%)
  • 무통장 결제시 적립금 0( %) 무
  • 카드 결제시 적립금 0( %) 카
  • 실시간 계좌 이체시 적립금 0( %) 실
  • 적립금 결제시 적립금 0( %) 적
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Here is Eddie, Playing cards designer from BOCOPO:

"I work in a company that focuses on the 'PLAY and HAPPY' feeling. We are committed to making our decks distinctive and artistic - therefore, we created the "Masterpieces Deck." I served as the art director of this deck and invited seven designer friends together from different regions to work on this amazing deck. We spent 348 hours of work to complete the design. We faced many difficulties, but these never stopped our determination to keep moving on. In my opinion, I designed not only a deck of cards, but also a kind of interpretation on the attitude towards life. In the deck, we eight people showed great enthusiasm, and put our uniqueness and individuality into the deck. And the deck is packed with special features and artistic quality. We applied these features throughout the deck to make it full of charm. Our persistence allowed the unique art in this deck of cards to be even more powerful for your enjoyment."

The Masterpieces Playing Cards features 56 custom cards printed on the classic Air-Cushion Finish. Released by Bocopo Playing Cards Company and printed by USPCC, these decks are guaranteed to mesmerize you.

The tuck case is navy blue, sending you a kind of low-key profound feeling. It is surrounded by two different branches all around, and its two colors have obvious contrast. The text is in white, which enables it to be read clearly.

Around the Tuck case, the design is also formed by branches, enhancing its charm. If you magnify the branches, you will find that it reveals a kind of soft beauty. The different azimuth branches can give a person the feeling of being blown by the wind. The static and dynamic status is intertwining, giving the impression of truly full flavor.

The back of the Tuck case shows a peacock, which stands on the branches quietly and coolly, and seems to be thinking. It conveys mystery. The color of the peacock is golden yellow. The navy blue helps to list up and show the peacock graphically.

The card backs are artistic, making them perfect for fanning and Cardistry.

The Ace of Spades has a unique design structure. At the center of the face is a heart shape and the key colors of red and orange, which convey enthusiasm. The center of heart shape says LOVE in English letters. The overall design is full of LOVE, connected by soft lines all around. The soft feeling is doubled in this manner. Designed by SI SCOTT in UK.

Each face card has a different pattern, and each one represents a different story. The content design of the faces is very vivid, and each image looks like the fresh life. You will recognize many of these masterpieces, and will enjoy discovering new ones in our Masterpieces Playing Cards.

배송 정보

  • 배송 방법 : 택배
  • 배송 지역 : 전국지역
  • 배송 비용 : 3,000 won
  • 배송 기간 : 1일 ~ 2일
  • 배송 안내 :

    -  고객님께서 주문하신 상품은 입금 확인후 배송해 드립니다.

        다만, 상품종류에 따라서 상품의 배송이 다소 지연될 수  있습니다.

교환 및 반품 정보

마술도구(DVD,서적 포함)는 저작권 보호를 받는 상품입니다.

포장박스의 개봉을 하면  마술의 비밀, 도구 특성등의 정보가  노출되었다고  판단합니다.

따라서  개봉후에는 절대 환불 또는 타제품으로의 교환이 되지 않습니다.  

신중한 판단 후  구매하시기 바랍니다.


다만, 마술트릭(저작권)이 없는 노멀제품들의 경우 반품이나 교환이 가능합니다.

주문하신 상품이 초기 불량품일 경우에 한하여 

상품을 수령하신 날로부터 3일 내에 교환 신청을 하시면 동일 상품으로 교환 해드립니다. 

전화 또는 고객게시판으로 신청을  하시고 불량 판정을 받으신 후 상품을 보내주시기 바랍니다.

임의 판단하여 신청없이 상품을 보내실 경우 처리가 지연됩니다
(왕복배송비는 파티앤에서 부담합니다) 

사용중 파손에 대하여 반품, 교환, AS는 지원하지않습니다.
주문 후 물품 발송전 또는 발송 후 박스 개봉전 변심에 의한 교환 또는 환불은 

상품수령일로부터 7일 이내 가능합니다. (단 왕복배송비는 구매자가 부담하여야합니다.) 

물건을 보내실때는 꼭 우체국택배(1588-1300)를 이용하여 보내주시기 바랍니다.

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